We are specialists in

Human Resources

HR is not just about compliance it is about the PEOPLE in your business and developing the best CULTURE for your business to succeed.

At JTM we partner with you to help to put together the pieces of the HR puzzle to happy, engaged employees. We can scale to meet your business needs and tailor to your budget, invoicing on a monthly basis for hours worked and agreed to.

All our work is bespoke to your business as one size does not fit all! We can use your existing technology systems (e.g. Confluence and JIRA) to build out your HR capability, or we can embed new HR technologies and systems.

Recruitment and Talent pipelining Recruitment doesn’t have to be a painful process. JTM can set up processes which enable to you recruit effectively internally and set you up to have a pipeline of talent to move quickly should you need to react quickly. Working with you to hire the right fit for your team. You can also take advantage of Psychometric assessments as we have our own dedicated platform and we can also conduct all necessary background checks including National and International Police Checks Performance Management JTM can set up a framework which actually works – over 70% of companies are unhappy with their current framework and its effectiveness. Performance Management is about empowering your employees to develop their skills, it has to be more frequent than annually and a two way process of meaningful feedback. We know your time is limited so it also has to be straightforward and easy to manage. Salary Review and Remuneration Strategy Often the elephant in the room….it’s not easy to talk about money. JTM has a new approach to this which will break down those barriers, provide you with up to date market information and set up a review process which doesn’t make you dread those conversations. Learning and Development An effective performance management framework will help identify training needs for your employees. JTM can work with you and your budget on what are the priorities for development within your business. Policies and Procedures Yes, OK, you will need them. How else will someone know how to apply for leave, what is the Incident and Injury Procedure and what is your policy on Equal Employment Opportunity, Anti-Discrimination and Harassment to name a few? JTM can put these together for you, aligning to your business requirements in a place where they can be centrally accessed by all employees. We can also help with some of those more sticky situations such as unfair dismissal claims, managing underperformance, how to deal with bullying, harassment and discrimination. However our mission at JTM is to ensure your HR is so awesome that is mitigates the risk of unhappy, underperforming employees.